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David Seagull


TV/Video Production Resume

TV Shows

David Seagull Show, 2005
Creator, Producer, Cameraman, Editor

6 half-hour shows, featuring interviews with local artists, conversations about the nature of art and creativity, humor, and artistic video. Created added effects including negative art, multi-layer editing, creative titles. Edited using analog sony editing equipment.

Art Videos
Arc-Lamp, 2008
Video short included in gallery art installation: Icon Art Videos: Moving Paintings

Reverse UFU:Fillipone Jr., 2009
Video short shown at Fairfield Film Festival, 2009

Comedy Videos
"My Peonies", 2008
"Wack Your Bush", 2008
"Sex with Mammals ", 2008

Tech Video
Supervised and created product review video for digital magazine for Verizon retail stores.


Film Festival Producer
Fairfield Film Festival, 2009
Researched, solicited, reviewed, selected films for festival.

Director of Yearbook Photography, MIU, Fairfield, 1987
Took yearbook portraits, candid shots, darkroom work.

Portrait & Advertising Photography, 1987

Owner, Mobile Life Media, LLC
Publishing Company, 2012
Responsible for all production, internet, website, legal work, accounting, payroll, editing, supervising graphic design for eMobileConnection digital magazine published for over 1000 Verizon Wireless retail stores.

Email:      david (at) davidseagull . com

Phone:     517-410-3318