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Lyrics from Rough Echoes


Rough Echoes explores themes of love, commitment and loss.



Sweet Loraine
I'm Just in It for the Money
Main Chance
Shower Down Gold
Troubled Times
10 Solitary Soldiers
Rear Window
Beauty Isn't a Sin



Follow, follow, follow your dreams
Even if they all turn out to be lies
But you weren't listening
You were just standing by the door
You said "I don't know how
You ever slipped through"

Oh how I wanted to be a hero for you
When I read how you'd gone crazy
driving around
Bye bye all that sorrow in a sigh
When you called the county cops
I said goodbye

Hey Sweet Loraine
I'd go down for sweet Loraine
Baby the heart is like a child
But I'd go down
for sweet Loraine

You would say anything right back to me
I loved you then and I love you today
You took my dimestore ring and said yes
But when you're running wild
Nothing lasts


Just give me something, something to be
A troubador who plays on the street
Just like dancing on a moving train
Just one slip and they'll never see you again


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I'm just in it for the money

I used to have a home
Till it was violated
Now I walk on the side road
Cause the highway's full up

I used to sell myself
And I try not to blush
When I think about
For exactly how much

You're too young to be subtle
But you do know that much

I'm just in it for the money
I'm just in it for the money
And then I'm gone

Lying against the window sill
Waiting of your wedding day
You seem to have lost your engines
And all your friends have gone away

The visions of L.A.
you store behind your eyes
Information about Los Angeles
has helped you to get by

Everybody says that it's love that they want
But what they really want is luck

I'm just in it for the money and then I'm gone

You dreamed of fate
And woke to life
And you're not really sure
If they're on your side

I guess you learned to steal
When you were still quite young
I know when I wake up
You'll be gone

With such pretty eyes, baby
You don't even have to smile

I'm just in it for the money and then I'm gone

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Main Chance

Here's to the hopeless demons
Living inside of me
The girl too beautiful to love
And the gambler who loves to lose

That night in El Paso
You hit me with your 44
Then I just turned into a crow
And flew away

I'm just waiting on my main chance

I saw you last night
On the cover of a magazine
Looking like a little school girl
That didn't know where she'd been

I still remember the night I let you in
And how you got me to give it

I'm just waiting on my main chance

Please don't talk about me like I'm not here at all
I've been all those places but I almost forgot
I sure it's some relation to what is like a memory
Even if there's never ever really been
Anything at all

I'm just waiting on my main chance

Self-pity was a rusty nail
Stuck into her heart
The more he tried pull it out
The worse it got
Happiness always comes
But it's laced with fantasy
Weren't you just here with me
Weren't you just here with me

I'm just waiting on my main chance

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I know you know
about my bad repuation
but Mary did you know
how much I love you

We were born
wild gypsy children
wandering apart
but never quite alone

I hear you calling, Mary
and I long to find you
I have taken you inside me now
Like the dawn takes in the day

My heart is filled with love
But my hands are broken
I still love you Mary
And I always will

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Shower Down Gold

I only knew you from the video
You were like a father to me
You couldn't help telling me to lie
Because I trusted you completely

Shower down gold on me
I'm know I can make it on my own
Shower down gold on me
I'm gonna make it on my own

Who will cry "we shall overcome"
Who will risk what they have acquired
Who will be the first to fall
For the rights of others?


How can the heart be unfettered
When justice is crying
Money money money
Money money money money money


We would give away our homes
For lies and promises of gold
Justified for God and Country
Ruin is coming slow-ly


Watch the hippies rolling over
I'm just painting pictures
Shadow boxing with legends
Watching the light and shadows


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Troubled Times

Troubled times, troubled times
Try to love and you just go blind
Trouble in your heart trouble in your soul

Don't you know I'm not your little boy
Don't you know I'm set to destroy
Don't you know I can't take anymore
Hear me knocking on your door

Troubled times, troubled times
Try to love and you just go blind

Don't let them tell you "you'll never find a way"
The game will always find a way
I found you sitting at the bar
Adorable is what you are

Troubled times, troubled times
Try to love and you just go blind

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Just a touch of desperation
Living in your parents basement
or haning out at the mall
looking at the girls

You just want to wreck
I can see it in your eyes
You just want to wreck
Baby I know
You just want to wreck
Get the hell out of this town
You just want to wreck
Running when you hit the ground

You know I'm trouble even though I slowed down
Touch my face and calm me down
When it's day after day all through your life
A little accident would sure feel nice


Everything just disappears
Baby I'm so happy to find you here
Yeah everything just slips away
But you can stay with me and watch TV


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10 Solitary Soldiers

Ten solitary soldiers
Keeping watch in the night
Their watching for a revolution
With greedy hearts and silent eyes

The night is black with poet's songs
Dreams of things to come
The soldiers wait and scan the night
And sometimes talk and smoke

Darkness which sits upon itself
Cities on fire
These are the things you see in the night
Years of heartbreak and unknowing
In your world tonight

Creaking and smashing sounds come out of the night
Like freight cars falling over
The captain speaks he says "the sound that you hear boys
Are promises being broken"

Remember as you enter their gates
These cities have pride and weight
Many things will change as you grow old
But it's a real revolution we're waiting for


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Rear Window

Saying I love you
And falling for you
Swaying with you
Laughing with you
I want you, I want you

I just want to be on the road
And stop the world
Oh my what you can find
With a good back beat
And a little bit of time

I got a lover a sister, a twin
It'll be our little secret
Henna hands and blue eyes
When I took you home
You wore my coat

Angel Angel burning bright
Who will take you home tonight
Is it the King of Rock and Roll
Who's eyes are shining in your soul

We thought it would last forever
But it only lasted a decade or two
Nobody dresses for dinner anymore
Like Grace Kelly in Rear Window

There's always a doorway
But sometimes it's hard to find
Look at me sweatheart
Tell me you haven't changed your mind

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Beauty Isn't a Sin

Be with you 
In your nighttime
Watch you 
Burn it to the ground
Just to keep you company
After you've driven 
Everybody else out

I heard you had 
A Silver chain
With all the hearts you'd stolen
A gypsy told me that you kept it hid
But I never believed him

Beauty isn't a sin
Nothing like you've got yourself in

So many ways to look at things
I felt shallow when I first saw you
I'm so glad you're past the edge of town
Now my heart can come back home


I can't take the fighting
I'm just not going to argue anymore
I know you need it for a distraction
I just can't do it anymore


Why can't we go back in time
Before it all got broken
Something in my heart to shine
Something more than a token


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